A logo contest among all the European partners was held in October, 2018. All the logos were uploaded on the Fb group and liked by students and teachers from all the partner countries. The winner is the Italian one with 492 votes. Congratulations to its designers!

Visit our FB group ACCT to see all the logos.


The first short term exchange of groups of pupils was held in Pescara, Italy from 28th to 30th, November. Thirty-one students and ten teachers from France, Portugal, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria were warmly welcomed by our Italian host partner. We launched the project through presentations and short videos about our schools and countries. We set up an exhibition to learn more about our National Cultural Heritage. Some of the Italian students read and dramatized extracts from Ennio Flaiano, a famous playwright from Pescara. Our hosts showed us their beautiful town and the Italian students were our guides. We also visited the Ethnographic Museum (Museo delle Genti D’Abruzzo), the historical town of Chieti, the Archeological Museum (La Civitella) and the Cathedral and Santa Chiara Church where we listened to a short concert of an ancient pipe organ. The host students and teachers presented national songs and dances and we even tried to learn some basic steps. All the students and teachers who took part in that exchange enjoyed the activities, had fun and definitely made new friends. It was an amazing experience.

My Video.mp4

A Short Movie on the First Exchange

in Pescara


Le Mans, France

The second short term exchange

The second short term exchange of groups of pupils was held in Le Mans, France, from 12th to 14th, March. Students were invited to reflect on fairytales as a sample of the European common cultural background. First they had to show and perform their modern versions of fairytales, then they were divided into international teams before taking part in creative workshops. For example, after warm-up exercises, they started to imagine, write and perform an original fairytale. Then, while they were visiting the local history museum, they had to present an object in an original way...

france j 1 redux.mp4

First day : welcome to Le Mans / performances

Lycée Touchard was more than happy to welcome our scholl partners. After a buffet and a welcoming speech from the headteam, the whole group was invited to go to the Aula and show what they had prepared before coming : each group showed its own version of a fairytale.

Visit of the old city / Visit of a local theater

French students had prepared a visit of some important spots of the old city, connected with local legends and myths, such as a prehistorical stone, the local saints and legendary kings born in Le Mans.

The Ephemere theater company welcomed us and explained how to develop imagination in order to create a whole universe...

film visite jour 1_redu.mp4

Second day : rehearsal /Visiting and acting in a local museum

Students are gathered in internatioonal groups in order to create an original fairytale and then to perform.

the day started with drama warm-ups and activities, then the final task was explained.

After a productive day of work, the group was invited to join a jigsaw game in a local museum - they even performed in it...

carre planta.avi
film jour 3 reduc.mp4

Third day - performance and research

Students performed on stage and it was both interesting and fun !

In the afternoon, they were invited to read a text from a famous french writer, translated in english : they had the opportunity to find out more about Molière, Montesquieu, Victor Hugo.

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Our Experience in Le Mans, France

Our Experience in Le Mans


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28.09.2018 - workshop – Pro Bono

Eleven 10th graders participated in a workshop in Ruse University. Our previous project GROWW is over but we are still interested in social entrepreneurship and work on sustaining the project. The skills to work in a team, to think critically and creatively are the main objectives in our new project ACCT, too. Congratulations to the winners!

Today, 10.10.2018, students from the 11th grade participated in a Start up Factory workshop to celebrate Erasmus Days and disseminate results from the two Erasmus Projects YEPS and GROWW.

The programme of the new project ACCT –Read to Lead was announced and students were invited to participate.

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A workshop on Cultural Heritage – Trace My Family History

December, 12, 2018

Students from the 10th grade ,Geo Milev ELS, carried out a workshop on Cultural Heritage. They presented items from their personal family history that helped them form a sense of belonging.

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17 January, 2019

Students from the 11th grade, Geo Milev ELS, had a workshop on national songs. In groups they read and compared lyrics they had translated prior to the event and inferred values to compare in traditional and modern songs. We had parenrts and teachers invited to the event.

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Read and react to what you have read - this is the core of our project. Today, 31.01.2019, 6 students from the 11th and 10th grade , ELS, Ruse, did something really exciting in terms of creativity. They presented a 15-minute play inspired by the moving poem "Ärmenians" by one of the greatest Bulgarian poets Yavorov. The play tackles the topic of Armenian refugees at the end of 19th century but has a strong and powerful ring of today's topical issues of breaking stereotypes and teaching tolerance to cultural differences.

Congratulations to all participants on the brilliant performance!

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To disseminate results from the projct we presented our play on a classic national author in Vratsa to a national audience of students studying English. The actors were warmly acclaimed and praised not only for their talent but for the universal message of tolerance the play conveys.

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One of the major results of our previous project GROWW was a social entrepereurhip business plan to renovate the school refreshment area. Now we organized a fundraising school concert at which we presented one of the major outcomes of the current project ACCT – a 20-min. play on a classical author “Ärmenians”. The audience – students, teachers, parents and guests from the community were impressed both by performance and message.

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On April 19, 2019 girls from Geo Milev ELS acted out a custom related to St Lazar’s Day, called Lazaruvane. They performed songs on health and wellbeing and reenacted the custom of matchmaking. The event ended with the typical dance of the day, Lazarsko Horo. All this is part of the topic of our project related to Cultural Heritage.

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22nd, 23rd April, 2019

Students engaged in the project worked in a seminar to round up the first stage on Cultural Heritage. They examined their presentations on Bulgairan classic authors and analysed and appreciated the extracts they had collected and translated prior to this workshop.

non democracy new pptx.pptx

7th-10th May

To know what Democarcy is we need to know what Non- democarcy is. All students from the 10th and 11th grades were presented with a 60-min comprehensive presentation on the totlaitarian regime in Bulgaria. After the presentaion there followed an A&Q session.

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18.05.2019. This week we launched the second stage of the ACCT project on Democracy, starting with democratic principles and values and creative writing related to them. Students divided in groups wrote short stories, trying to introduce a democratic principle or value.

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22 nd May, 2019

ACCT Dissemination Day

The first stage of the project being over and two mobilities carried out, we have accumulated enough

results and impressions to share. We organised a debate and a workshop to familairize more

students from Geo Milev ELS with our resuts . We organised it as Open Doors and invited students

form other schools and parenats, too. Students from the two mobilites presented short movies of

their activities in Pescara and Le Mans. They answered questions about their experience there.

There followed a debate on a project topic watched by a wide audience and videotaped as a project


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Mobility in Giessen, Germany

Mobility in Germany